Increase your crop yield with our qualitative Bio Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulator and more!

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Increase your crop yield with our qualitative Bio Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulator and more!
An Overview

There is no denying to the fact that without fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, half of the flora and fauna would not see the day of light due to diseases, pests and poor growth. Therefore, investing in good quality herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers is essential. Many farmers and agricultural businesses make such products but the lack of contacts and resources restrict them to promote their goods to their target audience. We, Global Trading Company, being a trader, wholesaler and supplier, help them with the same. With our widespread network, we have been reaching ever nook and corner of our nation and giving millions of people an access to the most qualitative Bio Miticides, Bio Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulator and Corps Larvicide. This top-notch array of pesticides, fertilizers and other allied products are offered at such a wholesale price range, thereby, making us establish a strong foothold in the Indian market.

Business Methodology: 4 Cs

The business methodology we have set at our company involves the following 4 Cs values to which we strictly adhere by, for carrying out our business operations.

  • Consistency: Businesses that are consistent in their work quality and timely order delivery always reach at the top of list of successful people.
  • Communication: A good communication is always the key to well-understand and fulfill the requirements of customers.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We ensure that all the products including Bio Pesticides and Bio Miticides that we offer our customers are offered competitively priced.
  • Competitive spirit: We, since the beginning, believe in competing with our competitors in a healthy way. Our main motive is to improve ourselves and not demean our counterparts.

Our focus on aforesaid values has supported us in developing a strong methodology for our business impressed by which our customers repeatedly associate with us.

Systematic Work Approach

Be it manufacturing or trading, every business depends on systematic work approach to perform their business tasks smoothly. Hassle-free business running is everything we aim for, this is why, we carry our our business operations systematically. A chart of all the work stages is set and then, all employees work accordingly, thereby, ensuring safe and timely delivery of our Plant Growth Regulator, Bio Pesticides, etc.
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